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From First Note to First Chair, JUPITER Performs more >>

JUPITER manufactures a comprehensive line of brass and woodwind instruments that give musicians of all levels a truly unique playing experience. JUPITER stands ready to be the best friend of all musicians throughout their musical lives.


Mapex Drums deliver the performance that drummers want. Snares drums crackle, toms sing, and bass drums thunder to unmatched depths. With superior clarity and voice, Mapex offers a truly unique drumming experience. More of tomorrow's best new drummers are playing Mapex today. Because, at Mapex, performance is everything.

Innovative, Solid and Caring more >>

HERCULES firmly believes that today's musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances. Each and every one of our stand incorporates thought-out solutions that enhance functionality. No matter in the studio or on tour, all over the world, HERCULES is there to support you.

my path. my dream. My Walden more >>

In this golden age of guitarmaking, Walden Guitars is the union of standards established by generations of guitar makers and the precision of contemporary tools and technology. In the small town of Lilan, a group of skilled builders create instruments you would be proud to call your own.

Concert and Marching percussion preferred by musicians around the world. more >>

Defining the Art of the Handmade Flute more >>

Discover a palette of tonal colors, worthy of true artistry, available with every Altus flute. Designed for the finest musicianship, Altus flutes give every player a remarkable resonance and an array of possibilities for musical voice. Altus flutes breathe life into player's music with color, voice and soul.

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