KHS-Music -- Organization


n Taiwan

n Musix Co. Ltd.

n Originated from LuChou, KHS produced mainly wind instruments and harmonica. Musix Co. Ltd. was formed in 1985 for sale of  musical instruments in Taiwan. As the sales volume and profit increase, branches in Taipei, TaiChung and Kaohsiong were set up accordingly in order to provide the best services to customers all over Taiwan.

n Plant Kuolin

n Plant Kuolin in Chungli, which occupies 100,000 m2took five years and NT$800 million to build (around US$24 million.). The size of the plant was at the top of wind instrument plants all over the world. It becomes the supply center for international wholesales and retailers. The main business in Kuolin involves production of brass and wood wind instruments, R&D in drums and percussions, and service as warehouse.

n Bohon Music Corp.,

n Bohon Music Corp., located in Taipei, Taiwan, sells professional musical instruments. Its branches locate from north to south of Taiwan. They are Taipei Aeolus, Taichung Sextet, and Kaohiang Musichugt.

n KHS Musical Co. Ltd.

n "KHS Musical Co. Ltd." was co-founded by KHS Musical Instrument and KHS Trading. The headquarters in Taipei specializes in miscellaneous instruments retails and musical education. Its 30 retail stores are spread all over Taiwan.

n KHS Audio Co. Ltd.

n Started in Taipei, KHS Audio is the agency of world famous audio instruments. Its branches and service centers are also opened in North, Middle and South of Taiwan. Retail stores can be found in Taiwan.


n America

n K.H.S America

n In Texas, 52,000 m2 Located at Nashville, KHS America, manufactory and distributor of Jupiter wind instruments, Mapex drums, Majestic concert percussion, Altus flutes and Walden Guitar, it custom-designed 100,000-square-foot facility houses all of them company’s corporate and shipping functions, new instrument testing, quality assurance and conference / recital hall.


n Asia

n Japan

n Altus Co. Ltd.

n Altus Co. Ltd. is around 7,000m2 in Nagono.
   Handmade flutes were mainly produced, assembled and
   distributed to the world from here.


n Europe

n Holland

 n Majestic Holland B.V.

In Hijehaske, Holland, "Majestic Holland B.V." produces concert and marching percussions, especially timpani. The size of its factory is 3,173m2.


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