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KHS The Group:

Kong Hsue Sheh, formerly named the "Wan-Wu" group was established by Chien-Chung Hsieh and his brothers in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 1930. In Japanese, Wan-Wu means "everything available."  Following the end of the Second World War the Hsieh brothers decided rename the company to reflect its core customers; mainly schools, teachers and students. Wan-Wu formally became known as "KHS" and has sought to dedicate itself to the education field and focus on servicing our society.

The meaning of KHS:

The meaning of Kong Hsue Sheh is derived from Chinese.
Kong - Contribution
Hsue - School
Sheh - Society

KHS, therefore, means "contribute to schools and society."  The name expresses our company’s commitment to enhancing human quality of life and culture.


Looking forward to the future, KHS will continue development in the music field to provide the Great China a vertical integration service system. KHS will align world-class partners to create global brands and establish high quality music service networks. It is KHS's vision to build a global music village and enhance our music quality of life.

Management performance:

Corporate revenue:
NT$ 20 billion (US$ 590 million)

Annual production volume:

The total sales volume regarding the musical instrument production and sales is around NT$10 billion (US$ 295 million)


KHS has about 4,200 people who devote their lives to the musical instruments production ands sales business.
<Taiwan: 1,300 people
<The rest of the world: 400 people


<Wind instruments: Jupiter, Altus
<Percussions: Mapex, Linko, Jupiter, Ross, Majestic
<Reeds: Butterfly,
<Guitar: Linko, Walden,
<Plastic recorder: Linko,

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